The topic of conversation all over Key West last night was the weather. And I am sure it still is this morning!

48 degrees here! The low this winter.

The high today is projected at 53.


I know. It’s cold up north! My Father tells me it hit 12 below during the night and the high today will be plus 1. And those numbers do not take into account the chill factor!

The sun is shining here in Key West. But the wind is gusting. 25 mph. Coming at us directly from the north!

Enough of the weather.

No, not yet. I just remembered I met a group of people from England yesterday. Four couples. At the golf course. They were not happy campers.

I thought at first it might be the weather. It was in the low 60s yesterday. But after awhile I just suspect they were miserable snobs.

They spoke of the Brits being the fatherland to we here in the colonies. Perhaps they were of English royalty since they fell back on the German derivative to describe their country.

They were unhappy about the weather. We all are. But we make do.

They were not social and engaging. Our golf group is very sociable and makes every one laugh. They were incapable of laughing. Maybe it had something to do with their facial compositions. Too much glue.

Key West is a fun place. It is rare to find anyone unhappy here, whether visitor or local. So these Brits stood out like a sore thumb.

To my good friend John from Leeds, I apologize if my comments offend you. However I doubt they do.

Golf was golf. Nothing changes. I played fair. Better than poor. Though I would prefer to play well. Lost $9.

Bobby Nesbitt is back. He and Bruce Moore did a two week gig on a cruise ship in the South Pacific. Tahiti, Bora Bora, New Zealand and the like.

Their accomodations on board were in the form of a suite. 24 hour room service. Dinner at any restaurant. All part of their engagement package. They were received so well, they agreed to do 2 extra shows for nothing.

The cruise was a first class operation. It is a 3 month world wide cruise. $140,000 per person. And the ship was full. There are still persons the recesssion has not yet affected! Good for them!
Enjoy! It is Louis’ Law of Last Consumption.

This banking thing continues to confound me.

I have a profound dislike for bankers. Always have. Blood suckers. And now their faults are coming to the forefront for all to see.

They already blew $360 billion with no accountability and no loosening of credit constraints. They want more money. And apparently will be getting it. This time with some rules and regulations to cover the use of the money.

Makes sense. For shame, having used public monies to pay $20 million dollar and more bonuses!

Washington is trying to impose a salary limit for bank execs. $500,000 per year. Sounds like a lot of money. But is not if you have been making and living on $20 million a year.

I am basicaslly against salary limits. It goes against the grain of free enterprise. But I guess we are not living in a free enterprise world if tax monies must go to bailout/support banks.

The bank execs should not complain. They blew their businesses and brought all this stuff down on themselves. And us!

If it were you or me, we would be in bankruptcy. However the powers to be have decreed that the banks must not fail. They must be bailed out.

Do you realize what that means? It is poor people bailing out rich people! Think of it. Tax dollars.

And the bankers want no oversight. It’s only another $360 billion. I would want receipts for every penny paid! Let the banks be mini managed as they did to so many businesses. I could never understand how bank executives could be doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs. They knew how to run every one’s business but their own.

The bank and corporate bailouts are welfare for the rich!

Most Americans are working 2-3 jobs a day. Wives and mothers are working. So the bank and corporate rich can keep their pools.

What a country America!

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