Still cold! In the 50s during the night. I turned the heat on.

It is supposed to warm up today. Into the low 70s. And stay that way till Tuesday when another cold front is coming in.

Thank you for the weather report, Louis!

I did lunch at Paradise Cafe yesterday. Inside, of course. Too cold outside. A good Saturday crowd. A lot of tourists.

Then I spent some time with the grandchildren. Always fun. Robert is “Star” of the week next week at Montessori. He is all excited! And I am excited for him!

I had dinner at Antonia’s. What a crowd. All tables turned over at least twice. Some 3 times. That’s big this time of the year.

The tourist season technically starts February 15. Some vacationers start treking in about this time. However it is still early for the volume described.

I went over to Keys afterwards. Same thing there. Packed to the walls! Cabs were delivering tourists one after the other.

The hotels, motels and guest houses appear full.

The economy is horrendous! The worst in almost a century! Why then are people vacationing as they are?

I have decided to call it The Last Consumption.

Eat, drink and make merry for there will be no money tomorrow!

Big day today! Super Bowl!

But not till 6 tonight.

I am starting my day at a brunch at Donna’s home. I look forward to any party at Donna’s. She is a good cook and mixes her guests well.

Then to the grandkids a bit.

I am doing the game at Don’s Place. His party starts at 4. Eats are out at 5. The game is at 6. Should be a fun time!

Enjoy your day!

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