55 degrees this morning! Lower during the night. The high today is projected at 67.

The weather had been terrific. Warm. A cold front was predicted for yesterday. However you would never know it till it hit in the early afternoon. It was sunny and warm. I was sitting on the deck reading a book. There was a slight breeze from the south. All of a sudden the wind shifted. It was now coming in from the north. And a chill creeped in with it.

It took all of 10 minutes for the weather to change! That’s all! And the cold front was here! With heavy rain.

So last night I dressed for the weather. Jeans and rain gear.

My first stop was the Chart Room. Had a couple of drinks. Chatted with friends. Made new friends.

Then it was off to La Trattoria for dinner at the bar. Very busy there also. Erin was working her butt off.

I was going to hit the Keys to hear Terri sing. But it was too cold and I was a bit tired. So I was off to home and bed early.

The wind was big time during the night. It woke me several times. I had difficulty returning to sleep. So I turned the TV on. A 1940 movie was playing: The Return of Frank James. Starred Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney. And guess who else? Jackie Cooper! The same Jackie Cooper I spoke of a couple of days ago. He played a teenager. I have not seen Cooper in a film in at least 30 years.

Gene Tierney was one of the lovely actresses during the 1930 and 1940 movie era. A big star!

A small railroad is headquartered in Cooperstown, NY. Cooperstown is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The railroad owns a series of small lines all over the country. The railroad provides its chief executive with a home in the middle of town. A big gracious old house with magnificent grounds.

Cooperstown is about 40 miles from Utica. I was invited to some cocktail parties at the grand old mansion. It would be like going to a party here in Key West at the Hemingway house. Except people still actually lived in the Cooperstown home when I was a guest there.

It was common knowledge that at one time a particular President of the railroad and Gene Tierney were a thing. She used to visit and spend much time at the house. Part of a party at the mansion was a guided trip through the house. And Gene Tierney’s bedroom was always mentioned by the tour guide. Every time I saw her bed, I could not help but think this is where she did it! Forgive me, but I did.

How things trigger memories. Caddy Shack with Rodney Dangerfield brought me back to La Costa and Jackie Cooper. The Return of Jesse James this past night brought me back to Cooperstown and Gene Tierney.

Lisa just telephoned. The grandkids are well. She is bringing them over for hot chocolate. Corey needs quiet to study so she has to get them out of the house.

Hot chocolate is becoming my specialty. I remember when it was martinis, especially espresso martinis.

How things change!

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