Two glorious events yesterday!

Babysitting in the morning ! Howard Livingston in the evening!

Lisa telephoned early in the morning. The grandkids were both sick. Robert with a cold, Ally with a fever and ear ache. Would I babysit till noon? Of course!

When I arrived, they were laying around looking bad! I talked to them. They just starred at me.

After awhile, the twinges of life began appearing. Soon they were up and playing. Slowly at first. Then chasing each other and laughing loudly.

They were better!

Yesterday was an unusually beautiful day. 80 degrees and warm. No cold wind. In fact, no wind!

I figured they could use the heat of the sun. So we went out into the back yard.

Their Aunt Beth and Uncle Mark from Boston sent them a big gift last year. It is an airplane made of pipe. About 10 feet long. Two seats. It moves back and forth. A combination rocker and teeter totter.

We talked.

We decided to take a trip to Utica. By plane.

They have been to Utica twice. Once to avoid a hurricane and the other to visit. Never in the winter, however.

I told them it was snowing in Utica. They have never experienced snow, but have seen it on TV.
We have to dress for the snow and cold. So I had them find their water boots, get gloves and put on hats. Now we were ready for the snow!

And away we went!

The experience brought me back to my childhood. I told them that after I was out playing in the snow on a cold day, I always had hot chocolate. In the house we went and I made hot chocolate for all of us!

The experience must have been too much for both of them. They each fell asleep on a couch. Ally was still hot. Her fever remained. Robert napped without coughing or a running nose.

I am into this grandfather thing!

Last night was Howard Livingston and Mile Marker 24!

I love Howard. There is not a better person. We have been friends for about 10 years.

Now he is a big time entertainer! A national reputation developing. Or maybe already developed. In the past 3 years, he has opened in Nashville and Vegas. He already has 5 albums. And he has a bunch of groupies who follow him everywhere! The groupies are 50ish and whoop it up during his performances.

Howard started a seven week gig last night at the San Carlos. He and his band will be playing every Thursday evening.

A great 2 hour show! A $20 admission. Very cheap for the quality of the music you will hear and the entertainment to be enjoyed.

He sings of the keys. Jimmy Buffet style. Most of the songs are music Howard wrote himself.

You will laugh. You will cry. I did both, more than once. He sings from the heart. His passion and sincerity are evident.

One of the songs that really hit me was about his father. Howard’s Dad passed on a couple of years ago. Emotional!

Most of his songs are light and uplifting. His Dad’s song was uplifting, even though heavy and moving. Anyhow, his words are terrific. And the audience picks up on them and sings along.

A great entertainer! On his way up! See him once! See him twice! You will enjoy!

Lisa just called. Robert is well and going to school. Ally still sick. I have to go over and baby sit Ally for the morning.

Where will Ally and I go today? We did Utica yesterday? I have to think. Consult with Ally. Maybe a trip to the moon. That would be exciting!

The child within us never leaves.

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