A quiet day yesterday.

A doctor’s visit in the morning. Coffee afterwards at the Coffee house. Read the papers. Then lunch at the Yacht Club.

I was running out of food. So a visit to the super market was in order. I have come to enjoy this task, pushing the cart and chatting with people. What retirement will do to a person!

Last night I had a few drinks with the Captain, Marty and Che at the Chart Room. Then dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Met and chatted with some very interesting people. Especially a young lady seated next to me who was wearing less clothes than her body required. She was every one’s center of attention.

Donna and Terri have returned. They had gone up to Miami for a few days.

When people here in Key West feel a need to get away, they refer to it as…..getting off the rock! Donna and Terri got off the rock!

Terri sang last night at the Keys. What a great voice! We are lucky to have her here. Today is Terri’s birthday. Happy birthday Terri!

It is still dark here. Pitch black outside my window. However 3 boats have already gone out this morning. I can tell because I can hear their motors and see the small light on the bows. The weather is still cold and the water choppy. A crazy time to fish!

Enjoy your day!

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