Bocci last night! An evening to remember!

Don had planned an evening of fun for 4 teams. He broke them down somehow into 6 teams. For a one evening tournament. We are in between bocci seasons and Don recognized we were all itchy to play again.

So as usual, Don worked his ass off in the planning. We even had refreshments. What would bocci be without alcohol! Everything but T shirts and cheerleaders.

Tournament time was 6:30. The sun was scheduled to set at 6:40.

The court lights would not work! Not a one of them. I thought for a moment that perhaps the City forgot to pay its bill. Ho ho!

So our noble leader Don, undaunted as usual, yelled out to all of us to hurry up and play. He made a command decision that games would be limited to 5 points.

The sun was already setting as we started. Within 10 minutes, it was pitch black.

Necessity is the mother of invention, however. Soon flashlights appeared. They were small and not strong enough to cover the entire court. Only the area of the polina.

And it was dark! No moon out, so no moon light.

It was so dark, that none of us could see who we were playing with or against at the other end of the court. And the court itself was black, except for the dim flashlight making a 2 foot circle around the polina.

No playing breaks or anything. You could see nothing. Just the polina. So you threw the ball straight. And guess what? Every one played better than they normally would! Amazing!

Bebe played for the first time. We talked about how to describe the evening. Night bocci was too mundane. Moon bocci did not appply. No moon. So Bebe came up with Mood Bocci. And correct she was!

We lasted 1 1/2 hours. Long enough for all to play 3 games of 5. We all had a good time! The whole scenerio was totally rediculous! And that is why it was fun!

I just decided night bocci is like sex. You can do it in the dark!

Bocci done, it was only 7:30. Still early. What to do? What else! Don’s Place!

The bar was packed with the bocci players and others.

I spent most of the evening chatting with Jules and Nancy. Jules is my usual bocci partner. Love her! Love her right handed hook on the bocci court. Her husband is still in the middle east as an Air Force Lt. Colonel. Nancy is married to Michael and is Don’s business manager. She is the nuts and bolts person and actually runs Don’s Place! Which makes Don happy!

Our conversation was terrific!

Nancy is a generation behind me. Jules is about 2 or 3 generations.

Somehow we got into a conversation about the 1960s and the turbulence of the times. Note that at that time I was already practicing law. Jules was not yet born. And Nancy was in college.

Nancy went to Alfred University which is somewhere in the southwestern part of New York State. Her Dad was a high school principal and coach. She came from a conservative background. Eisenhower type people.

Then came Alfred, the Vietnam war, women’s rights, black rights and other turbulence. College’s were in turmoil. Demonstrations all over the place. Buildings burned in protest. Offices physically taken over. Youthful demands made.

A wild time!

And there was Nancy in the middle of it all. A fomenter of dissent. A rabble rouser! The term rabble being used with delicacy. She loved it all!

The interesting thing is that Nancy believes there was value to what she did. That she and her friends made a difference. And she is right! It was upheaval times. A regurgetation! But was required to reset the tone and direction of the country.

Good for you, Nancy!

The turbulence of the 1960s is represented today by Obama’s recent election. Change arrived at in different ways.

I mentioned during the course of our long talk that I was reading Tom Brokaw’s book Boom! Boom! is about the 1960s. Great reading! I recommned it!

It was a fun night! A wonderful night! Even though the lights were out.

The last time the lights went out, my wife got pregnant! For real! That was back in the 1960s also when there was a major power failure in all of the northeast. It was a time when we were in deep controversey with Russia. War was always a possibility. I feared it was starting that evening when a quarter of the United States was without power. The 1960s was an interesting time in more ways than one!

I have nothing on the agenda today, except a doctor’s visit this morning. But then, who knows what the day will bring!

Have a good day!

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