Captain Peter is already a Key West icon. I believe he is originally from England, where men are either gentlemen or cads. Peter is unquestionably a gentleman. The other evening, I was a cad. Sorry, Peter. I apologize. Mea culpa.

I frequently mention Bill and June Nelson from Delaware. He is the famous divorce lawyer. I have known them for 15 years. Dined with them, partied with them.

Last night I ran into them at Aqua. June asked me what their last name was. I said Nelson. She said, no, Hudson.

Embarassed! Wow!

They are in my phone directory as Nelson. Likewise, my cell. All these years……

I had no water in my house yesterday. Finally figured out why. It was a disconnect. I forgot to pay the bill. A humbling experience. Now I know how some others feel on occasion.

I would say the past few days have had their moments.

Golf yesterday!

Cold cold out there. In the 50s. We were all bundled and layered. Don, Larry, Yankee, Tino and me.

My game was better than last week. Anything would be better! But it still sucked!

I lost $17. Larry was the big winner, closely followed by Don. Tino had some great holes. And Yankee boomed some long shots. I topped and shanked a lot of shots.

But, I had a good time.

Golf is really a simple game. All you have to do is keep your head down and throw your belly out. Some day I will learn!

Last night was Wednesday and Wednesday is Bobby Nesbitt time at Aqua. Great entertainment as usual! And a good crowd. Mostly locals. Including my friends Bill and June Hudson. See, I got it right this time!

Afterwards I walked down Duval to Antonia’s for dinner at the bar. The crowd at Antonia’s was only so so when I arrived. Then all of a sudden, it got packed. People were standing waiting for tables. TK told me none had reservations. Every one just decided to walk in at the same time. Whatever, it was good business last night. Christopher had a big smile on his face!

On the way home, I decided to stop at Bare Assets. Stayed for one drink. Watched the young ladies perform. For some reason, I was bored. Maybe tired. Whatever, I left soon after arriving and was home in bed by 9:30.

I think the cold of the day took a lot out of me. And it continues to be cold here in Key West. For all of Florida, for that matter. I understand there are parts of Florida where the temperature dropped into freezing yesterday.

It is so cold here, I finally relented and turned on the heat yesterday afternoon. What a difference! Man was not made to live in the cold!

Tonight bocci!

We have been on a two month hiatus between seasons. Don has arranged a one night tournamnet involving 4 teams. However he has mixed up the players. In short, he has created new teams from the regular teams so people will be playing with persons they have never played with before. A one night event, it should be fun. Something to break the monotony of the long winter nights. Ho ho!

Have fun today!

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