Welcome to the North Pole!

Winter has arrived in Key West!

The high today is projected at 73. However, the temperature will start dropping this afternoon. Into the 50s tonight. The high tomorrow will only be 60.

The next thing will be snow!

I am only reporting. Not complaining.

This day is a most significant one in the history of our nation. Barack Obama will be sworn in as President.


He assumes responsibility for all of us at a time when we are in dire need of assistance. As a people, we seem to be with him. Look at the crowds the last few days in Washington for the inaugural. Hear the voices of the masses. He is the Resurrection and Saviour all wrapped in one.

And that is what concerns me!

His plate is full. The problems are many and complex. We are hopeful he will succeed. We need success.

Unfortunately, as a society we have become accustomed to and seek quick fixes. I doubt one exists here. But think about it. Suppose it takes Obama too long to correct things from the public perspective. Or, even worse, suppose he cannot remedy all of our ills.

How will we as a people react? Will public opinion turn on him?

We are a fickle people in need of instant satisfaction. Obama’s frenzied popularity of today could easily become a polar opposite tomorrow.

I hope not.

And now to the lighter side of events.

Syracuse lost to Pitt last night! Bad!

Pitt is a good team, perhaps a great one. However Syracuse did not come to play. A couple of times Syracuse had great runs and caught up. Once Syracuse even went ahead by a point. In those instances, Syracuse shined. Even looked better than Pitt! However in the end, Pitt trounced Styracuse. Why? Because Pitt wanted the victory more than Syracuse. Syracuse must learn to play a 40 minute game with gusto all the way.

The season is still early. I am confident Syracuse will find its way.

Today Lisa, Corey and I will join together at noon when Obama is sworn in. We want to celebrate the occasion together.

This is the first election I recall Lisa becoming engrossed and involved in a political campaign. She and Corey had a Obama/Biden sign on the front of their house and also made those small contributions via the internet. Good for Lisa and Corey! Good for every one else who so participated!

Enjoy the day and the occasion! And say a prayer for our new President that he may meet our expectations and, yes, even exceed them!

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