I am done complaining about the weather. It is what it is. There is nothing I can do about it. It will continue to be cold for awhile. Such is life!

Gas prices are on the rise! They have gone up here in Key West about $.20 a gallon over the past 2 weeks. I find the increase strange as I read an article earlier in the week that said barrelss of oil were at the lowest price in several years. Something like $34 or $37 a barrel.

So what’s up? Are the oil companies embarking on a new sneaky gouging campaign? Why is no one talking about the price increase?

Sometimes government is difficult to understand. The left hand fails to know what the right is doing, although both are connected to the same body.

To what am I referring?

I never went on Medicare B at age 65. The firm still covered me. However last year my hospitalization plans changed and I was required to apply for Medicare B. I received the B coverage immediately. However, no card. It took me over a year to get a Medicare card reflecting B coverage. A story unto itself that I related to you some time ago.

I have had a card for about 2 months.

During the time I had no card, I required medical attention. I always told the doctors and hospitals of my plight re the lack of a card. They were able to check it out however and agreed I had B coverage.

The problem is that lately I have been receiving telephone calls from bill collectors that I owe these same doctors and hospitals. What a pain to deal with these issues and idiots!

Each tells me that Medicare says I do not have B coverage. I tell them I have a card from Medicare saying I do. Good luck! I am a voice in the wilderness. No one hears me!

So it was time to get to the bottom of it all.

After 18,000 telephone calls and punching in 100s of different telephone keys, I solved the problem. The solution: You must advise Medicare you have B coverage! They do not know. For real!

I spoke with someone at Medicare. She asked if I had B coverage, when I got it, the last 4 digits of my Social Security number, etc. and then she told me she would enter it into the computer and I could tell my bill collectors that in 2 weeks the coverage would be available.

I was perplexed. I simply and calmly asked why do I have to tell Medicare I have B coverage when I have a Medicare card saying I have B coverage. Did not make sense to me. She said the answer is simple. Social Security issues Medicare cards. Not Medicare. Two different agencies. And the computers between the two agencies do not talk to each other at that time. So until some one actually tells Medicare that such coverage exists, Medicare does not know and rejects ALL requests for payment.

Wow! Would you believe it!

What a life!

Today will be a better day. I hope! I am watching the Philadelphia/Arizona football game this afternoon and will be cheering for Philadelphia.

Have a good day!

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