Terrible! Terrible! Terrible!

That is the way I played golf yesterday!

I have gone from good, to bad, to worse. Yesterday was absolutely the worst!

An example of my game was that it took me 5 strokes to get out of one sand trap!

One of my golfing companions was Yankee Jack. On the 17th fairway he said to me, “Bad luck would be good luck for you!”

So it was.

Last night I attended another memorial service at the White Street Pier. This time for Donald and Joel. Partners for years, they still are joined together as part of the great ocean expanse.

Ashes being thrown into the ocean is commonplace here in the keys. I am waiting for the day when the wind is not judged correctly and everyone gets covered with their friend’s remains. I am sure I am not the only one who shares this concern.

Afterwards I stopped into Aqua to hear Bobby Nesbitt. Always good!

I ran into Bobby’s partner of many years, Mike Mulligan. A nice guy! Intelligent! Well read! I enjoy conversing with him.

Then to Antonia’s for a quick dinner at the bar. I was anxious to get home early. Syracuse was playing basketball against Georgetown.

A big game. Syracuse pre game was ranked 8th in the country and Georgetown 12th.

I saw the entire second half.

Georgetown killed Syracuse! Disappointing!

Bad golf, bad basketball. Not a good day!

May today be better.

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