Good morning!

Still dark outside. Black.

I had lunch yesterday at Paradise Cafe. Cuban toast with hot melted cheese and tomato. Simple and delicious. Cheap. Read the papers while enjoying the sandwich.

There seemed to be a lot of chickens running around Paradise Cafe. Big robust ones. No babies. Must be the gestation period.

I got hooked on the Georgetown/Notre Dame basketball game last night. Both teams were impressive. However Notre Dame played better last night. They have a center who was awesome!

Because of the game, I did not get out to eat till after 9. I opted for La Trattoria. There was my friend Marty sitting at the bar finishing his dinner. Marty is a court stenographer. He is also a gentleman. He kept me company while I ate.

I cheated. Instead of fish, I had spaghetti and oil. Shades of my youth! It never ceases to amaze me how a poor man’s dish of my youth is now a delicacy and costs money!

After dinner, I went over to the Pier house to see what Larry Smith was up to. Monday is Jazz Night.

Larry was performing together with Pepe on the drums, Alex on the horn and Mary singing. Good music! A good night!

It is still dark outside. I must have gotten up early.

I have no plans for today. Will take it as it comes…..

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