What a lovely morning! It is going to be a nice day. A warm day.

I complained about how chilly it was yesterday morning. The temperatrure went up to 80 during the day and was 74 last night. Finally!

Living alone has its drawbacks. One, if you are a male, is who does the ironing? Necessity becomes the mother of invention. I learned how to iron in my old age!

However I do my clothes on an as need basis. Whatever I am going to wear at the moment gets ironed.

Although the system works, I have developed a backlog of shirts, shorts and the like that require ironing. Quite a pile!

Anna is from Poland. She has been cleaning the house once a week for years. She noticed the sitting pile of unironed clothes on the bed in the guest room. Anna does not iron. She suggested her mother, who does.

So mother came over yesterday. I apologize for not recalling her name.

Turns out the mature Polish mother is one hell of a person with the iron!

She told me in her broken English that back in Poland she was a seamstress. She worked for an individual that custom made suits and shirts. And everything had to be ironed! And ironed well!

And fast!

So my problem is solved.

Other than solving the ironing problem, yesterday was a relatively quiet day.

I lunched a long time at a table by the water at Hogfish. Read all the local papers.

I dined at the bar at La Trattoria in the evening. Kathy was bartending. She is originally from Albany. We talked about the terrible weather up that way and how lucky we were to be in Key West.

Tonight is bocci! It is also Tuesday. We generally play on Thursday. However the season is over and we still have a make up to play.

The make up match is important to us. It has no meaning to our opponents, other than to beat us. If we win 2 out of 3 games tonight, we are in the play offs. A big deal!

We shall see.

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