I have a friend Dee. She has a Doctorate in Psychology and teaches full time at the University of Kentucky.

I have not seen her in years. However she telephones about every 2 years. Yesterday was one of those telephone days.

She reads the blog.

Dee said why do you complain so much about golf! You are in your 70s and still play poorly. You will never play well. So get over it and just enjoy the game! There are other things you have done well in life. Get the mental sustinance we all need from those items.

She’s correct. I will complain no more. Well, maybe only a little bit.

By the way, Dee is an excellent golfer. A 3 handicap!

So now let me tell you that I played golf yesterday. And with a smile on my face permit me to also tell you I played poorly. But I was and am happy!

I am happy because Dee told me to be and because I was the big dollar winner. $14!

I played with Aaron, Tino and Yankee Jack. I was the worse golfer yesterday by at least 20 strokes. But because of the convoluted games we play, I had the right partner or made the right shot just enough times to come out ahead.

Ho ho!

I ran into Linda and Karen at Aqua last night. We were all there to hear Bobby Nesbitt sing. Good people.

Then dinner at the bar at Antonia’s.

Antonia’s is decorated for Christmas. Fantastically beautiful! Warm! Festive! You must have dinner there and enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance.

Home thereafter and early to bed.

My new friend Terri, who opens for Liza Minnelli and has been in 8 Broadway shows, is singing Saturday night at an Aids benefit at Ceasar’s Palace in Atlantic City. A busy lady! She returns to Key West and the Keys piano bar December 16.

Tonight is the Christmas party at the Yacht Club. I am taking Lisa, Cory and the grandkids. Robert and Ally will see Santa Claus. I am excited! I hope they are too! Children talk a good game when they are young. However when the time comes to sit on Santa’s lap, it’s another story. Lasy year Robert ducked behind his mother and Ally buried her head in Lisa’s skirt.

Tonight also is bocci. The grandkids and Santa are more important than bocci. So I will be arriving at bocci late. I have so advised Don.

Tonight is an important match. We are close in the rankings and could make the playoffs. We have to win tonight. Also we have a side bet with the team we are playing. It involves 2 other teams additionally. If we win tonight, we win the bet.

Prioities. Everything in life is priorities.

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