The weather is changing. For the better! Actually humid! The TV weather channel projects a high of 76 today. The Miami news show this morning projected 83. Whatever, the good Key West weather is back!

I finished Dexter Filkin’s book The Forever Wars yesterday. I highly recommend it! About Iraq and Afghanistan today and in the recent several years.

The book made it increasingly clear to me that we never belonged in Iraq. One thing further is clear also. We will never change them!

The Shites and Sunnis have this muti thousand year war going all the time. They hate each other. No question about it.

There are distinctions between the Shites and Sunnis. One is the way they treat their enemies and captives. One group beheads them. The other is more modern. It uses electric drills on the legs and head. And in the event power is not available, then nails hammered into the head. A clear distinction between the two groups.

How disgusting! How barbaric! It will continue long after we are gone.

Why are we there? When will we leave?

Dinner last night at the bar at La Trattoria with friend Donna. Pleasant.

How does this sound? “Magical, mind altering lubricants for social intercourse.”

The statement is in very fine print at the top of La Trattoria’s martini menu. Cool! I never saw it before.

I walked over to Keys. This new piano bar seems to be making it. Packed at 10. Not a seat in the place! And I understand they are open and going strong till 4 in the morning!

It is Sunday! Love Sundays! As soon as I complete the blog, I will drive down the road to purchase the Sunday papers. Then home to read them at my leisure. Meet the Press at 10. Don’s Place this afternoon. And probably dinner with Lisa and the family tonight.

What could be better!

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