I started my morning yesterday with a haircut. Not a spectacular event in itself. However my lovely barber Lori has opened her own beauty salon. Just this week. So it was my first time in the new place.

It is called Blown Away. And it is as lovely as Lori herself!

Four hairstylists and soon a manicurist.

Blown Away is located just off Duval between Bank of America and Dunkin Doughnuts.

Afterwards I went over to the Coffee House to read the morning papers and enjoy a choco moca.

Lisa telephoned while I was there. Ally was sick. Temperature and sore ear. So off I went to visit my graddaughter.

Sick she was. Sad when they are so small.

I stayed for lunch. Turkey salad sandwich. What else!

Greg is a local contractor who looks after my home here in Key West. We have been talking about going out for ages. Last night we did.

The evening started at Aqua. I wanted to hear Vanessa Di Gennaro sing. She was her usual great self! And, of course, her mother and father were there also. Proud parents! Her Dad Mario is Mayor of Monroe County.

Dinner was at Antonia’s. The restaurant was full. Happy people enjoying themseves.

Then down Duval Street to the new Keys. Terri was singing. What a great voice! A talent! I already mentioned a few days ago that she is moving here from New York. She goes back north to the City Monday to get her things and bring them back. A welcome addition to the Key West family!

The Keys was sort of empty when I arrived. Within an hour the place was jam packed! It looks like it is going to succeeed.

I had a good time. Greg had a good time.

I got home a little later than usual. Around 11:30. And slept well! I made up for the night before when I only got 2 hours.

I did an absolutely stupid thing yesterday. I attribute it to old age.

I parked my car in the municipal lot behind Antonia’s when I went for my haircut. There were very few cars in the lot. I put about an hour of quarters in the meter. When I returned to my car, I had a parking ticket. $25! I had put the quarters in the wrong meter! See what a college education will do for you!

The sun is rising. The water is still. Very still. It is supposed to be a warm day today. Around 76. About time!


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