Yesterday was a strange one. By day, the best! The evening sucked!

I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at 1 with Lisa and the family. The kids were terrific! They were into the holiday and the meal.

Lisa out did herself. The turkey and fixings could not have been better! She was up at 6 getting things ready. Robert and Ally were right there aside her, of course!

I ate and ate and ate. Even though I swore to myself earlier I would not. It never fails!

I was tired after dinner. So I plunked down in an easy chair to watch pro football. I dozed on and off for a couple of hours.

I returned home around 4. I decided to stay in last night, rather than hit Duval. Sort of a holiday cleansing thing.

Did not eat dinner. No room! Watched TV.

Climbed in bed around 8. Figured I would fall asleep around 10. Good luck! For whatever reason, sleep escaped me. It was 3:30 before I dozed off. And then I awoke at 5:30. Going to be a tough day!

To make matters worse, the cable TV went off around 11 and stayed off all night. I leave the TV on all night while I am sleeping. So, no sleep, no TV.

Around 1, I said what the hell, might as well go to the internet and do my blog. My computer would not hook up. Things were going well! Straight down hill!

I spent an hour in the middle of the night continuing to read Ron Susskind’s book about the Bush/Cheney lie about weapons of mass destruction. How could they! It will always be with us.

Sergio called last night. He wants to play golf today. I would like to. We have never played together. I told him I would call him this morning and let him know. I must have been intuitive. No way can I play on only 2 hours sleep. I am sufficiently old and sufficiently the poor player, that 18 holes after only 2 hours sleep would kill me!

My big thing for today is a haircut. With Lauri, of course! She has finally taken the big step. Not marriage! She opened her own business. No longer will she rent a chair. She now rents out chairs! I look forward to seeing her in her new salon this morning!

Other than that, I plan an easy day. However I will go out tonight! This staying in apparently does not work for me!

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