There is a new star in Key West! Her name is Terri!

Terri is from New York City. She came to Key West recently for one week to appear as a singer at the new Keys piano bar. She has decided to stay, to make Key West her permanent home.

Terri has had a distinguished Broadway career. She received a Tony nomination for her work in the hit show Barnum. She won an Obie for her appearance in the off Broadway show The Club, in which she starred with Tommy Tune. She replaced the great Nellie Carter in Ain’t Misbehavin. And on and on and on!

Her voice is spectacular! You will enjoy listening to her.

And even more important, she seems to be a very nice person. Genuine would best describe her. Quiet and soft spoken. Another good soul joining the Key West family.

Some one is born, some one dies. Life moves on.

No one died. In this case, some one has come to Key West and some one has left. Key West lost one its charming members yesterday. Dotti Clifford.

Dotti has been in Key West for 28 years. Part of the fabric. Well, things are getting tough here as in the rest of the country. Actually the rest of the world. People are being laid off, cannot get new jobs. Such was Dotti’s plight.

So she bit the bullit. She left last night for Altoona, Pennsylvania to go to work in a family printing business.

Her sister Beth and brother in law Ted drove down to pick her up. They loaded a U Haul with Dottie’s possessions and left after dinner last night to drive back to Altoona.

It is a story being repeated many times in today’s society. Unfortuantely with increasing frequency. Shades of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men!

We all had dinner at the Commodore before they left. Interestingly, it was uplifting and positive. I wish Dottie well.

Afterwards I stopped at La Te Da to hear Debra and Patrick. I am glad they are back. Class people with a class act!

Then across the street to the Keys for a drink. That is where I heard Terri sing. Actually it was the third time I have heard her perform. Again, she’s good! A talent!

And then home to bed.

Cold last night. I woke in the middle of the night freezing. I finally capitualted. I turned the heat on!

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