59 degrees this morning!!!!!!!!!

Cold! Very cold!

The high today is projected at 66.

I know, I should not complain. Upstate New York is experiencing 25 degree weather and snow!

But complaining is part of my nature. Where justified, of course. And 59 degrees is justifying!

This cold brings to mind experiences of my youth. Youth being during World War II when I was in grammar school.

Washers and dryers as we know them today were non-existant. An Edison had not invented them yet.

Washers were a round metal barrel on legs. Attached on the top on one side were two rollers. The wet clothes were run through the rollers to squeeze the water out of them. The rollers were hand turned. My mother would feed the wet clothes through the rollers with one hand and turn the roller handle with the other.

In spite of this process, the clothes were still wet. They needed to be dried. Dryers were absolutely non existant! I don’t think anyone had yet even conceived of them.

So clothes were hung outside to dry. On a clothes line. Every home had a clothes line in back. It generally ran from the back of the house to a tree or pole at the other end of the yard. Women hanging clothes was a common sight. Note I said women. It was a female job in those days.

Clothes were hung out to dry even in the winter. They still had to be dryed!

Recognize it is always cold in the winter in upstate New York where I was raised. I mentioned earlier it is 25 degrees up there this morning. 25 is a relatively warm temperature for upstaters during the winter. The temperature is known to drop for days in the minus column. Like minus 10 or minus 20. Brrrrr!

The cold obviously affected how the clothes would dry. Stiff as a board is the best way to describe it!

I made note of long johns the other day. My mother made me wear long johns in the winter. When I had to put on a clean pair in the morning, the legs and seat were stiff and stuck together. I had to force each foot slowly inside, one foot at a time, pushing against the glued together like material till my leg was completely through. Something like women putting on the rubber playtex girdles of old. The same gyrations!

The fact that they were a bit cold never seemed to bother me. It was the ordeal of getting into them.

I just smiled and laughed to myself. Today not only do we have dryers, we also have softners. What that would have done to the coarseness of the long johns!

I am playing golf today. Always play golf on Wednesday. Back in Utica, my cut off was 50 degrees. I would never play if the temperature was below 50. 59 is pretty close! However we will survive! Complaining, of course, about the weather as we play along.

And best of all, I have a predetermined excuse for playing my usual bad game today. It’s cold!


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