A sweatshirt by day! Jeans and a heavy shirt last night!

I never got a Medicare B card. And now my med bills are getting screwed up. I tried to get one over the internet. Difficult! You need a special degree to just to get through the programs.

I did order one over the internet however. Two weeks later I received not a card, but a letter spelling out my coverages. Which seemed to indicate I did in fact have Medicare B. But again no card! And the card was what I had requested! Every doctor, hospital and lab wants your card to copy. If you have only an A card as I have, all explanations that you have B coverage also is in vain. They nod yes, but process wrongly.

The letter said that if I had any questions, I could go directly to the Social Security office in Key West. I need a Medicare B card. So I went yesterday.

It is located in the Federal Building. Even though I am a retired attorney with considerable federal court experience, gaining entrance today is significantly more involved. Like taking an airplane. Big time secuirty. And properly so!

The attendants were all professional. But firm! I had my cell phone on me. No cell phones permitted in a federal building! My option was to return to my car which was parked 5 blocks away to leave it, or turn it off and place it on a flower pot outside the building where both the attendant and I could keep an eye on it through the window. I opted for the flower pot solution.

In the Social Security room, I needed a number. In order to get a number, I first had to answer a question or two on sort of a computer screen.

Turns out I had to prepare an application for a Social Security card. But I already had one! I needed the Medicare B card! However, when in Rome do as the Romans do! The instructions said complete the application and that is what I did.

Then I waited until my number was called. Not bad. About 10 minutes.

The woman taking care of me knew her job well! Probably has been doing it for years. Professional, kind and charming would best describe her.

I told her my problem. I needed a Medicare B card. She said why did I complete the form for a new Social Secuirty card. I said the machine. She nodded I think aknowledging either my frustration or inability to follow directions properly. In all likelihood, I read/followed the computer screen instructions wrongly.

Turns out what I thought was my Social Security card for years was my Medicare A card. So I did need a Social Security card. That she ordered for me.

However she could not order or produce a Medicare B card. She told me that my computer request of several weeks ago blocked her request. However she assured me I should be receiving my Medicare B card in about 2 weeks, together with a Social Security card.
She further advised that the reason I received a letter instead of the card was so I could show it to medical providers in the event I needed coverage. Seems the card goes to an outside vendor for printing and takes extra time.

I thanked the gracious woman. And when I went outside, my cell phone was still sitting on the planter. I looked in the window and waived a thank you to the male attendant who had been keeping an eye on it for me.

The bottom line friends is that the system works. Even though it is somewhat convoluted and confusing!

Stay warm today!

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