Big time at bocci last night! Super Bowl time! Game of games!

We played Larry Smith’s team!

It was a blood match!

We won! Two out of 3 games! We won the first, lost the second and won again in game three.

There is humility in victory! All 3 games were close.

For some reason, Karen did not play. But she was there! With 2 large black pom poms. Jumping and cheering us on! A real inspiration!

The final game was the best! All kinds of excitement.

Jules and I were paired up at our end of the court. Larry and Tino were there also playing against us.

We were whipping their asses in the third game. At one point we were ahead 13-2. How could we lose? We almost did!

At precisely 9:13 when we were ahead 13-5, Larry Smith threw down the challenge. He said to me…..”Note the time Petrone! We are coming back and are going to beat you! And I want you to report it in the blog tomorrow!”

Larry’s team then scored 8 consecutive unanswered points. The score was tied 13-13. Then we went ahead by 1. Now 14-13. It was up to Jules and me, or Larry and Tino at our end of the court. The pressure was on!

I threw the polina to the right of center about three quarters of the way down. My first ball was right on. Inches in front. Larry and Tino then threw their 4 balls without touching mine. Only 1 point to go! I put my next ball right on the first one! It was over! We won 16-14. And the match with it!

A good game! Lots of fun! Larry and I embraced afterwards. So did Jules and I. I prefer Jules’ embrace!

Both teams played well at times. And then poorly at times. But each of us at some point threw spectacular shots.

Larry’s ability at bocci wanes as the evening wears on. He drinks beer and it takes its toll by the last game. Knowing this, Rob and I were feeding Larry beers during the evening. Even going to the cooler to get them for him. It did not work! Larry played the best third game of his life!

So there may be no misunderstanding, we all drink during bocci. Everyone does! It is part of the game. I am a gin drinker. Don brought the booze for us last night. The gin bottle only had one drink in it. A tragedy! More to Don and Captain David than I. These two guys think I play better after a couple of drinks! I don’t know. Anyhow David jumped in his truck and away he went between games. When he returned, he had a new bottle of gin. It was not really for my personal satisfaction. It was for the game! David and Don are team players!

I should have gone home when the game was over. However, I felt good. I ended up downtown at the new Keys. I sang away and had a few more drinks. Some diet soda.

It was a fun evening! A happy evening! One of those it feels good to be alive times!

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