Golf yesterday! Bad!

I lost 9 balls again. Three on the first hole.

Fortunately, I was not playing a money game.

Visited the grandkids afterwards. They have been sick. Fevers and coughs. On the mend though. Both should be much better today.

It is amazing. They are sick all the time. Never were till they started pre-school. I am told this is common. They are exposed to all kind of germs from the other kids. Every one gets sick. Supposedly good however since it helps them develop immunities.

Last evening was a routine Wednesday night. Bobby Nesbitt at Aqua and then dinner at the bar at Antonia’s. It was and is good to be back and socializing with my Key West friends.

Last night was the first time TK was bartending at Antonia’s. So good to see him again. He spent 15 years at Mangos across the street. We talked about Mangos and why I stopped going. He was right. They had an open oven where they made these great small pizzas. Just enough for two. And only $12. New owners took out the oven to get more bar space. And they lost me as a customer as a result!

Time for a haircut again. Some things I do not understand. The less hair I have, the more it has to be cut! I see Lori at 11 this morning.

Tonight bocci! Unquestionably a fun evening ahead!

I play bocci on one of Don Manaher’s teams. His bar sponsors 3 teams.

He calls his bar Don’s Millionaire Bar. I am not sure why. Either he paid a $1 million for the place
or it is because of the clientle the bar attracts. In any event, it is a great place.

Don is open from 7 am to 4 am. Bars inside and out. He tells me he does his best business from 7 am to 11 am. Calls it the Breakfast Club. They are at the door waiting at 7 am for him to open!

Don is celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of his acquiring the business. The party is this Saturday from 4 pm to midnight. And the whole world is invited! Everyone!

Should be a great party. I am planning on attending. And all of you reading this should come also. Assuming of course you are in the Key West area. It is an open bash! A good time will be had by all!

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