A great evening last night!

A dinner party at Donna Barnett’s!

Donna has achieved the ultimate. A Pearle Mesta of Key West! Her dinner parties are outstanding!

I cannot describe her as THE Pearle Mesta, however. Only because my good friend Linda Schufer throws one hell of a dinner party also! So they are both THE Pearle Mesta’s of Key West!

A good dinner party requires both outstanding food and outstanding people. The food last night goes without saying. Good food, great wines.

The guests were the perfect combination, especially for the night before an important election.

I was there. My charm and personality. Written with a coy smile.

Also Lynda and Bob Frechette. Lynda might be best described as the social director of Key West. She writes a great blog about the going ons in town. She and husband Bob are at every event in Key West, sometimes several an evening. Bob is a retired businessman. They are both from somewhere else, but as many of us now claim Key West as their home.

Jerry Coleman and Bruce Moore. These two guys have been partnered for 17 years.

Jerry is the leading land use attorney in the Florida keys. Well respected!

Bruce is a talent! A singer! A performer! Prior to settling in Key West, he appeared on Broadway several times. One of his notable performances was with Tyne Daly in Gypsy. He also has performed big time doing voice overs in Disney films and videos. The likes of Beauty and the Beast and Pocahantis. He now sings locally. You have heard me mention him before. What lungs! His voice fills a room! The kind that gives you chills! That good!

One of my favorite Key West singers was there also. Bobby Nesbitt. Talent of talents! Best of the best!

Bobby was at the party with his partner of 30 years. Michael Mulligan. I had never met Mike before. A real nice guy! Formerly a school teacher, now for many years an actor. All over town. In every quality production. Mike was born and raised in Indiana. My son in law Corey is from Indiana. They are the same. Tough and solid, deep thinking. A nice guy. I enjoyed our conversation during dinner.

And then there was Mary Jo Silva! Everyone loves Mary Jo. I have known her for more than 10 years. A tough intelligent woman of Portugese extraction. Poor Mary Jo has cancer all over. For well over a year. She was not to be here for last Christmas. Looks like she will be here for this Christmas. Complains not. Keeps going. A class act!

And of course the hostest with the mostest! Donna Barnett! She spent all day Sunday getting ready for the party. She had to work 7 to 5 yesterday. You would never know it! Everything was perfection!

The conversation? What else! Politics!

Everyone had already voted. Florida has early voting. Everyone had voted for Obama. Many expressed a concern that he might lose today. Fearful of Republican chicanery. It has been known to happen!

My age is starting to bother me. Some were talking about the first time they voted. The Nixon race in 1968. I remember voting in Nixon/Kennedy in 1960. Of course, I was silent about it. Ah, vanity!

Today represents the most important election in my adult lifetime. No question about it. I believe our people will do the right thing. It is time for the pendulum to swing back. We will know early tonight.

As I was watching the political shows early this morning, I had the feeling something was missing. There was. He was. Tim Russert. May he rest in peace!

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