Golf yesterday. I should have stayed home!

I played a game with Tino. Tino is about 10-15 strokes better than me.

We started even. After 6 holes, Tino said he would give me a stroke a hole on the back nine. One hole later, he kicked in with the stroke a hole. At the tee on 11 he said he would give me 2 strokes on the 3 tough holes on the back side.

All this was voluntary on Tino’s part. That was how bad I was playing!

Tino won 12 holes, I 2 and we tied 4. What a day!

I started the evening at Aqua. Bobby Nesbitt time!

The Hudsons were there. Bill and June have returned to their Sugarloaf home for a few weeks. Real people. I like them.

Bill is a leading divorce lawyer in Delaware. We have talked politics many times. A bit last night. I would describe Bill as a black hearted Republican. As he has related to me many times, his Daddy told him when he was young that a bad Republican is always better than a good Democrat.

I do not have to tell you who Bill is voting for.

I had dinner at Antonia’s. The Schufers are back. Bill was part of our foursome on the golf course. He and Linda dined at Antonia’s last night also. I love Linda! One of the best people I have met in my Key West years.

I stopped at the new Keys afterwards. A cocktail lounge in the old Alice’s Restaurant.

An interesting place. I don’t know if it will succeed. Why, I am not sure. A feeling. We shall see.

Entertainment is allegedly from New York. Two male singers last night. One particularly good.

I was home well before 11, the time for the Clinton-Obama lovefest. Never made it. I fell asleep. When I awoke, the show was over.

I thought this morning I would be able to see huge parts of it, as well as Obama’s earlier half hour telecast, on Morning Joe. No, only very short portions. I think we are getting sick of the political clatter. We have had two years of it. However, only 5 more days. Vote! This truly is the most important election of our lifetimes!

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