I voted yesterday. First time in Florida!

Interesting. Florida’s system of voting is still in the middle ages! No wonder the chad disaster of 2000!

I am told Key West was not part of the chad situation. The voting system here is different from the parts of Florida which had the chad problem. Here in Key West, the voter must fill in what appears to be an oblong circle. For everything! Candidates, resoulutions, questions, etc. Painstaking and slow. I felt like a little kid coloring and fearful of going outside the line.

While I was waiting in line for a compartment to vote in (mark my ballot), I could see those who were already marking their ballots in the compartments. Every one was taking forever. I thought this is one election where people are serious and are considering every item on the ballot with deliberation. No! It was the time it took to fill in the oblong circles!

I am originally from New York State. They still use the same machines there since my first vote in 1960. I have always thought they were antiquated. No way! Miles ahead of the Florida system! You walk in the booth, draw a curtain, pull a series of levers and walk out. All in less than a minute. At the end of the day, a box is removed from the back of the machine and the count taken. Simple. Short. Sweet. Easy.

Florida should enter the modern day in voting! It avoids problems.

All in all, I have always enjoyed voting. I feel patriotic in expressing my governmental desires. I believe most people do.

Obviously I voted early. This is the second week for early voting in Florida. In this respect Florida is miles ahead of New York. New York does not have early voting.

Even with early voting, there was a line. A constant 20-30 people waiting.

There were a few black people casting their votes. I thought how proud they must be. And rightfully so! It has been a long hard journey.

I voted for Obama. No secret. I have been talking about and supporting him since the beginning of the primaries.

The weather was oh! so cold yesterday! High was 69. But nice! You can tell I have become a Key Wester. I am enjoying the cold spell!

The cold spell also changes lifestyles here.

Up north when it is cold, people stay in. In Key West they go out! I lunched at the Yacht Club and dined at La Trattoria. Both places were packed!

Last night it dropped to 62. Cold! Not good to sleep alone on a cold night. I suffered. In the middle of the night, I was wandering around in the dark searching for a blanket.

Today the high is projected at 71. Still cold. I play golf this morning. I shall be wearing long pants. First time in months!

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