Wowie! Cold morning! High projected today at 69.

Wind blowing big time! At least 25-30 miles per hour.

I was told yesterday this is a nor’easter. The cold spell is anticipated to last about 2-3 days. Tomorrow will be a high of 71. Cold for the keys!

I received some interesting responses to yesterday’s blog. Church brings out the best in all of us.

Some one wrote and raised the question as to whether dogs go to Heaven. The consensus seemed to be no. No animals!

I don’t buy it. A good God is a good God. Dogs are man’s best friend. And in that other day, we are all going to be together with family and friends!

As you are aware, I am an Obama supporter. The campaign has raised some interesting points. One criticism of Mc Cain has been that he is not computer literate. Well, some one wrote and said, in response thereto, that Obama cannot land a fighter plane on a carrier at night. The night observation is immaterial. The contrast excellent. Touche! We all have short comings!

I am up early this morning. Just after 5. Going to be a long day.

I have a haircut appointment at 10:30. Always happy to see Lori. Think I will vote afterwards. This will be my first Florida vote. We do not have early voting in New York. I am excited by the fact this is my first Florida vote and even more excited that I shall be casting it for Obama.

The country is in terrible shape. We need a dramatic big time change. Obama respresents that dramatic change! Hopefully…..

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