The weather has changed. Cool and windy this morning. Not sure whether it is a nor’easter or nor’wester. But the wind is blowing! Whitecaps on the water!

Temperature is supposed to be in low 70s for the next few days. A drop of about 12 degrees. Cool days! Up north it would be a heat wave!

A nice Sunday yesterday! Nothing unusual occurred. And that is what made it A-ok! I like dependable.

I spent the afternoon at Don’s place watching pro football. All watching, including me, were derelicts from the parade the night before. And yet we all were in great shape!

Larry Smith was there. He told an interesting story which I would be remiss in not relating.

Larry’s wife Christine was at mass earlier in the day at St. Mary’s Catholic Church by the Sea. She was sitting near the first row. Sometime during the Mass, a homeless man entered the Church, came up the aisle and seated himself in the front row.

He participated in the Mass with the rest of the congregation. Sit, stand, kneel, sing and the like. At some point, he took out a ham sandwich and ate it. OK, so he was hungry.

When it was time for communion, he went to the alter rail to receive. Of course, he was first in line since he had been in the first row.

Communion in some Catholic Churches now involves the sipping of wine, as well as the taking of the host.

The homeless man took the chalice full of wine, tipped it up and drank the entire thing down. Left not a drop. Then he returned the chalice to the priest, turned and walked out of the Church. Satiated. Appeared he had to wash down the ham sandwich.

Apparently it was funny. The priest laughed, the congregation laughed.

The priest had to return to the alter to refill the chalice.

Only in Key West!

I had dinner at Lisa’s last night. Love my grandchildren! Lisa had made, with the help of the grandkids, cupcakes with pumpkin covered frosting. We had them for desert. Delicious! However Ally would only eat the frosting and leave the cupcake itself. Cute! Typical!

Talk with you tomorrow…..

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