Wow! I forgot to write my blog yesterday! First time!

I was up and out early to do some errands. Kept running around till 3. That is when I remembered. Too late to do it then. So…..

Last night was the Fantasy Fest parade. I was out and about and had a wonderful time!

Don had invited me to a party one of his distributor’s was throwing. So I met Don and some others at Don’s place around 5. An early start to what could be a long evening.

The party was upstairs at the old copa on Duval. On top of what is now Wyland Gallaries. A beautiful room with great facilities. And a large second floor balcony overlooking Duval! Perfect for parade watching!

We got there just after 6. The parade started at 7. By the time it reached us, it was about 8:30.

Our host was Premier Beverage Company, the local Bacardi distributor. Premier did itself proud! Good food! And, of course, good booze!

We obviously had a lot of time to eat and drink before the parade reached us.

I have only one complaint. And having been a free loader last night, I should not. But what the hell! I am a gin drinker. Bacardi makes every kind of drink except for… guessed it…..gin!
So I started with a shot of tequilla. Good! Very good! But I knew I would never make it through the night if I continued. I switched to beer. I hate beer! Two bottles were all I consumed.

Eat I did, however. A good selection of food.

I knew many at the partry. Met many more. Everyone was having a good time.

Most were costumed. The women especially went all out. Cindy Mc Cain and Sarah Palin were the most popular.

David’s Karen was one of the best Cindy Mc Cains. When I arrived at Don’s Place, I saw her standing outside. All dressed up! Not shorts or jeans. A formal maroon suit. And high heels. And blond hair pulled back tight.

I could not understand at first why Karen dressed for the party. I did not realize she was actually in costume. I told her how terrific she looked. Finally, at some point she let me know who she was. A terrific costume! A terrific look! Not everyone was as slow on the take up as me!

Karen is absolutely beautiful to begin with! And she added to it!

The suit and jewelry were fantastic! She even wore panty hose to make the appearance perfect. A big deal last night since it was 85 and humid. She topped it all off with a very fine blond wig. Karen is a blond, but she felt her own hair was not long enough. And it did not look like a wig. Even phony eye lashes!

Great job, Karen!

Michael was without doubt a winner on the male side!

Michael is Don’s early morning bartender. Last night he was Chiquita Banana. Ear rings, boobs and all! He told me he was up at 5:30 in the morning to dress. He had to be at the bar at 7. So he had been dressed all day! And partying all day!

At 2 in the afternoon he and his wife and Jules did Duval. They were out on the street partying and drinking till they showed up at the party at 7. So Michael was seven shades to the wind when he arrived.

He did well. He was still going strong when I left, though seated most of the time and complaining that he had had it.

Michael looked terrific! If you will excused the description, it took balls for him to dress as he did! You’ve got them Michael, contrary to the costume last night! Congratualations!

I could go on forever describing the people and their attire. Michael’s wife was a great Sarah Palin, even down to the baby! Don’s wife was another great Cindy Mc Cain, with an an absolutely fantastic wig! My bocci partner Jules was dressed as Joe the Plumber. Amazing!

I did not dress. Don and Dave did not dress. Next year maybe I will.

You notice I have not commented on the parade. I am sure it was its usual good stuff. However, between the socializing and watching the Penn State/Ohio State football game, I had little time to look over the rail onto Duval.

I left in the middle of the parade to walk to La Te Da. The sidewalks were jam packed. It was a trip! Good on the eyes however. Oh, so many women with painted or otherwise bare breasts. A voyeur’s fantasy come true!

I stayed only briefly at La Te Da. Said some hellos. And then I was on my way to retrieve my car. I had left it at Don’s parking lot. I did not want to get towed again. A long walk, however. Especially in the humidity.

Interestingly, I was home in bed before 10. And I am glad the night ended that way and that early. Otherwise I would be wiped out this morning.

I love Sundays! The papers, Don’s Place and dinner with Lisa and the grandkids.

Hope your day is as good!

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