I sucked at bocci! My car got towed!

Other than that, I had a wonderful evening!

For whatever reason, my bocci run came to an end last night. I did not have it! I even benched myself for the last game.

Still played better than golf though.

Afterwards I hurried over to a friend’s house for a dinner party. Eight persons total. Drinks, dinner and great table chatter. An absolutely marvelous evening!

The magnificent Donna was hosting. She had house guests, an ob/gyn and his wife from Detroit, a local husband and wife realtor team, Mary Jo and I can’t remember his name–a charming local gay guy.

Donna out did herself. Stone crabs! They have just come back into season. Delicious!

But even better than the stone crabs, if such is possible, were the conversations. A typical Key West round table. However for another day. Some strange tales!

It was close to midnight. I was the first to offer my thanks and leave. Parking had been difficult. Fantasy Fest time. Donna lives just 2 blocks off Duval. Last night was toga and Pretenders. I parked my car in the lot on the corner of Siminton and Eaton, across from the church. The lot was packed. I was happy to find an open spot. I have been free parking there off and on for 20 years.

When I got to the lot, there were no cars to be seen. Including mine!

It had been towed. There was a sign nearby with a number to call. I did. My car was sitting in a lot on Stock Island.

Note that it was raining at the time. Soon it was pouring non-stop.

I walked back to Donna’s. Being the good person she is, she agreed to drive me to Stoock Island to get the car. But first we had to kill 45 minutes. The tow guy told me over the phone he was busy towing other cars and was not at the yard. I had to make an appointment after midnight to recover my car!

Out we went. Stock Island is not the best of places, especially in the dark of night and pouring rain.

By this time, it was a monsoon downpour! Asshole, excuse the description, was sitting in his cab and I am standing in the street. The tow people had no office. He wanted $150. No problem. I gave him a credit card. They do not take credit cards. I only had a $100 in cash on me. He agreed to take the $100 in full settlement of my bill. Now I began to wonder what kind of a rip off was this!

Of course, there was paper work. He is doing it in the cab. I am standing nearby soaking wet and getting even wetter, in spite of the slicker I was wearing. I could not toss him the money and just leave. He had my license and registration for the paperwork.

I finally retrieved my car. Thanked Donna. And drove home. It was 2:30 in the morning!

Last night turned out to be like a sandwich. The bread on each side, bocci and the car towing, were not the best. But what was in between-the dinner party-was terrific!

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