I stayed up late last night. Late for me! Till around midnight!

Fantasy Fest is upon us. I really have not been involved until this point. So I opted to walk Duval last night.

Interesting! But then again, it always is.

Duval is starting to fill. It will be more by the end of the week. However last night was healthy enough.

Everyone happy! Everyone having a good time!

All ages. Young and old alike. All body types. Short, tall, skinny and fat.

I thought I saw a bit more nudity than normal. A lot of women were bare chested. And not necessarily body painted! Just hanging there in all their natural beauty. Lightly bouncing with motion.

Every year I find the bare chested women interesting. Not only from the I am a male and like to look perspective. Many are middle aged ladies from middle America. Iowa, Minnesota and the like. They come to Key West’s Fantasy Fest to step outside their routine lives for a few days. And they do the risque thing from their perspectives!

Nothing bad. Just a bit of topless nudity. And they do it with pride! You can see it written all over their faces!

The only bar I stopped into was the Bull. The place was packed. Overflowing into the street.

I had a good time! Everyone was expectedly friendly!

Such was my night on the town. I was the quiet observor. In any other enviroment, I would have been considered a voyeur. Come to think of it, that is what I was!

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