Good morning world!

Six am. Black outside. Apparently no wind. I cannot hear the water.

Yesterday was another relatively quiet one.

Lunch at the Yacht club. Read the papers.

Then continued reading Dexter Filkin’s book The Forever War. I first became aware of Filkins when he was interviewed on Good Morning Joe earlier this week. Every one seemed taken with his book. So I started reading it. What an eye opener!

I am into the section dealing with Iraqi culture. Somewhat different from ours. A bit weird!

Video is big time in Iraq as it is here. We watch old movies and whatever. I have read many times that pornography is the biggest seller. Forget porn in Iraq. Iraq is a society that covers their women from head to toe in black and covers their faces at the same time to preclude physical stimulation of onlookers. So porn is not their ball game. But video watch they do. And the most popular? Sadism. Yes, torture!

Does not sound healthy to me!

Last night was dinner with Lisa and the grandkids at Hogfish. Dinner with Robert and Ally is always exciting! Last night was no disappoinment.

Robert and I played tic, tac, toe while waiting to be served. He won again! I am going to have to start cheating!

Ally takes it all in.

The place was packed. Always good food, reasonably priced. Great atmosphere. And music! There were two guys playing and singing last night.

We ate early, of course. Lisa dropped me off home after dinner. It was all of seven o’clock. I was early to bed. And that is why I am early up this morning!

Fantasy Fest started last night. Goombay! I missed it. Maybe I will go this evening.

Enjoy your day!

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