Bocci last night!

We won 2 out of 3 games. We should have won all 3! We were ahead 12-5 in the first game and blew it 16-15. The second game was a rout! We won 16-1. The last game was competitive. Could have gone either way. We won 16-13.

We all played well. Including me. I still cannot understand how I can play bocci so well after only 4 years and golf so poorly after a lifetime!

The team this year is a happy harmonious one. We have a good time!

Our captain is David. A good guy. Early 50s. Used to look like Santa Claus. Lost 50 plus pounds and shaved the beard. Now he looks like a young Paul Newman. He opted not to play last night. Says he has given up the game. He was unhappy with his play. It won’t last. He will be back!

Michelle and Karen teamed up and contributed heavily to one of the victories. Last night was Michelle’s last bocci game with us. She is in love and moving to Philadelphia with the man in her heart. We will miss you Michelle! You are a rare person and have been a good friend to all!

Karen has not been able to play lately. Besides working full time, she is going to college to complete her degree. Heavy duty! It was good to have her with us last night.

Don, Shane and Rob completed the team. All good guys! All rolled the ball well!

Speaking of Shane, he is a young guy who makes a living running a fishing boat. He owns it. Flat fishing is his specialty. And from community reputation, he is good at. His business name is Key West Flats Fishing. Telephone number 305-394-1873. E mail Use him! Tell your friends to go out with him. A fun and successful time will be had by all!

Don is Don! Leader extrodinaire! Owner of Don’s Place. He is a steady eddy when it comes to bocci. He generally can be depended upon for that special shot when required. By shot, I am referring to bocci and not that which he serves in his establishmnet!

Although Rob has been around forever, I have just started to know him this year. A good guy! He also is very proficient at bocci! And proficient is the proper word. He can see the court and the rolls with ease. He sees what I cannot see. And so he guides me, makes suggestions. Maybe he is why I am playing better this year!

I continue reading Dexter Filkin’s book The Forever War about Afghanistan and Iraq. These Muslims are well disciplined. Also have little need for jails. Under the religion, a thief is punished by having a hand cut off. Generally as part of a public spectacular. In a football stadium like atrmosphere. Barbaric. However, cost effective. The United states has more jails than any other nation. The tax dollars required to confine wrongdoers is overwhelming. Perhaps a reconsideration of the way we punish is warranted. I speak in jest! Inhumane is inhumane and cannot be tolerated under any circumstance.

Homosexuality is obviously barred in the Koran. However the method of punishment odd. It is by a wall falling on the homosexual. Should the culprit survive, he or she walks away free. Strange. I do not understand an interpretation that permits survival in one instance and loss of a hand in another with no opportunity to save that hand.

I recommend the book. I write about these things because we have to understand the mentality of a people who are in our faces today. Whether friend or foe, we have to comprehend the Arab/Muslim world to effectively confront and deal with it.

Corey is out of town today. I am taking Lisa and the grandkids to dinner tonight.

Goombay starts today. I considered taking them to the street fair. However, they are too young to handle the street crowds. Lisa and I have talked. It is Hogfish tonight for dinner! The grandkids have been there before. Lisa and Corey are good friends with owner Bob. So it will be a friendly evening. And the grandchildren love the music. Ally may dance!

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