When does the time change? Either I am up early or it stays dark late! Probably a combination of both.

It is pitch black outside my open window. When one cannot see, one can hear. And I hear the ocean rushing by. Loudly this morning. Very relaxing. Settling.

I had business in town yesterday. Then to the beach bar at the Pier House for coffee and to read the papers. Lunched at the Yacht Club.

On one of the talk shows over the weekend, an author by the name of Dexter Wilkins was interviewed. He has just had a book on the wars in Afganhistan and Iraq published. The title is Forever War or Forever Wars. I started reading it yesterday. Riveting! We know not the Arab/Muslim mind.

Tuesday has turned into soccer time. Four year old Robert is in his first year. Tough for him and the other kids on his team. Think of it. They have been taught from birth to use their hands. All of a sudden, it is feet! It is humorous to watch, but I can also see the confusion/stress factor in the change over.

Wings at Kelly’s last night! All of a sudden Key West is alive. Kelly’s was packed.

And then home and early to bed. Well before 9.

Golf this morning. I am anxious to play. It has been on my mind for a couple of days. And then the final Presidential debate this evening. A great day in the making! Oh, and I almost forgot, Bobby Nesbitt returns this evening. I will squeeze him in before the debate.

No question. A terrific day ahead!

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