I like Sundays!

I do nothing!

One of my most favored past times is reading the Sunday papers. Slowly and liesurely. Sipping coffee.

Sunday afternoons during pro football season is Don’s Place. Techanically called Don’s Millionaire Bar! And Don has a million TV sets inside and out so his patrons can view the games several at a time.

Don’s Place is where I spent yesterday’s Sunday afternoon. Watching Donovan Mc Nabb and Philadelphia lose! Terrible! I follow the Eagles because Mc Nabb played at Syracuse University, my school.

Then dinner at the Yacht Club with Lisa, Corey and the grandkids. The little ones had not napped so they were a bit rambunctious.

Robert and I are into Tic, Tac, Toe. I am 73. Robert is 4. His age makes him a worthy adversary. He beat me 3 games out of 5! I high fived him for his victory!

Sunday night is the Larry Smith Showcase time. Last evening’s featured performer was Lady Diane. Diane is running for Fantasy Queen. Quite a delegation came out to support her. She sings the blues. Good!

The other candidates for King and Queen were there also. Kate Miano is one of them. She will be Larry’s featured performer next week.

This Presidential campaign is turning into gutter politics. The economy is dropping rapidly. It is on every person’s lips. And Mc Cain comes up with this Ayers garbage again. And now this morning Obama is retaliating with the Keating scandal. Fair game. Tit for tat. But not what we want to hear! It is the economy, gentlemen!

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