Gray this morning. Like yesterday.

It rained most of yesterday. The sun only peeked through a couple of times.

A dreary day. So I stayed in bed all day!

Last night my friend Donna Barnett took me to dinner. At Martin’s. It was weinerschnitzel time!

The economy is impacting on the restuarants here. My weiner was half of the size it normally is. And the schnitzel twice the portion. The price was the same!

I understood. Never the less I was disappointed.

Afterwards we walked over to La Te Da for a drink. The bar was empty except for Sassy when we arrived. However it soon filled. It was a fun place to be!

One drink was enough for me. I gave Donna a peck on the cheek, wished her good night and was home to bed before 11.

A quiet day.

Once I send this blog to you, I will be off to buy some Sunday papers. Then back home to read them. And, of course, watch Meet the Press. Later today Lisa is bringing the grandkids over to swim, assuming the weather clears. And then tonight I am taking them all to dinner at the Yacht Club.

A typical Sunday.

Talk with you tomorrow!

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