A full day yesterday!

Golf in the morning. Played with Yankee Jack and Tino. I only played fairly, even though I won 4 of the first 5 holes. Then nothing the next 13 holes. Tino was the big winner. $4. Yankee the big loser.$3. I lost $1. Not a big day money wise. I enjoyed playing with Yankee and Tino. Good guys.

Last night started at Aqua. Vanessa Di Gennaro is filling in for Bobby Nesbitt. She sings terrific! A winner!

Her proud father is always with her. He is Mario Di Gennaro, Mayor of Monroe County. An old world type. Obviously deeply family oriented. You can see in his facial expressions and eyes his love and admiration for daughter Vanessa. Qualities nice to observe! Lucky Vanessa! Lucky Mario!

Then to Antonia’s for dinner at the bar. A great snapper dish! And some good conversation with other patrons.

And home to bed. All before 9. And I slept last night! Between golf and not having slept the night before, it did not take me long to drop off.

Big night tonight! Bocci and the Vice-Presidential debate. What could be better!

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