Water continues to be in the news!

This morning I have seen 3 times already on national news a picture of a waterspout here in Key West. Yes, we had one yesterday afternoon. It appeared near the Naval Base on the Boulevard.
Apparently no damage, no problem.

I also received several telephone calls last night asking if I had seen the spout. No was my response. While every one was getting excited as the warterspout approached, I was seated in a corner of Borders reading Buchanan’s Churchill, Hitler and how WW II might have been avoided. Oblivious to all going on outide the building. Borders, by the way, is on the Boulevard also and about a mile from the Naval BAse.

Waterspouts can be dangerous. They are in form and substance a tornado. What you see is a round cylinder shaped funnel running from the water to the sky and moving in a particular direction.

I have only seen one. Several years ago. I was on the Boulevard. Must be the place for waterspouts. And where I was standing was about a quater of a mile from the Naval Base. The Naval Base is apparently not a good place to be. Anyhow, I had never seen a waterspout till that time. Not knowing what it was, I stood there gawking. It was interesting! Fascinating! And it was moving toward me! I had no fear because I knew not what I was viewing. To me, it was an interesting freak of nature. And then it veered away and never made land.

Now to what happened in Washington yesterday.

We have idiots representing us in government. Party affiliation is immaterisal. Republicans and Democrats alike deserve the title. Watch out my fellow citizens! If something is not done soon, we are going to be in deep shit trouble! Main Street will suffer and suffer greatly!

I had a bite to eat last night at Hogfish. They are remodeling!

Hogfish is not much to look at. However the food is good and cheap. Appearance wise, the place has character. Hogfish now has a new roof. One of those big tall bamboo and palm roofs! Just like Boondocks.

It looks terrific! Opens the whole place up.

Antonia’s is one of the finest restaurants in Key West. Also one of my favorites. Christopher and Patrick own Antonia’s. Another fine restauant before it closed was Alice’s. Bart was one of the owners of Alice’s.

These three guys obviously know good food! While I was downing my fish and chips at Hogfish, they came over to say hello. They had just finished dinner. Their presence speaks well for Bobby and the Hogfish he runs.

Today is actually Lisa’s birthday. 44! My baby! Who now has two babies of her own!

We are celebrating Lisa’s birthday again tonight. This time at home where we will sing Happy Birthday! But first we all have to go to the soccer field. Four year old Robert is playing his first league soccer game!

Back to water. I watched when high tide came in yesterday. It was not abnormally high as it had been for the past 3-4 days. So whatever that was is hopefully over. No one is certain as to what caused the unusually high water. Sure, we all know it has to do with the moon and tides, but I have heard nothing beyond that. It makes me wonder and a bit concerned.

Until tomorrow…..

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