It was Venice in Key West last night! Gondola time!

Flooded streets everywhere!

It all started at high tide just after noon time. The water the last few days has been unusually high at high tide. Higher than the water level during the two tropical storms we just experienced.

Yesterday it was at its highest!

Lisa, Corey and the kids were over to swim. Corey knows about these things. The water and its treasures are his life’s work. He said it was celestisal. Had something to do with the moon. However, he conceded it was unusual!

Corey swam in the ocean off my dock. Robert and Ally also. This was the first time they jumped in. They recently learned how to swim and being young, fear not!

Then around 5 it rained. Big time! Heavier than it had rained during the recent tropical storms!

It rained for about 2 hours.

The streets were flooded like I have never seen. Remember, we were doing happy birthday for Lisa at the Yacht Club. I have never seen as much water in the streets of Key Haven where I live as last evening when I went out. Streets that are never flooded were. I grudgingly plowed through. Stupidly also, perhaps!

It reminded me of driving up north during a bad winter snowstorm. You hit the pedal and hope you plow through the snow drifts! Water is just as resistant as snow. It felt the same way.

The Boulevard in Key West was down to 2 narrow lanes from 4. Water flooding the 2 driving lanes.

After dinner, which was fun by the way, I headed out for the Pier House to enjoy Larry Smith and his guest Vasnessa Di Gennaro. Good luck! The streets on the gulf side were badly flooded. There was water where I had never seen water before. And it kept getting deeper!

I was beginning to get fearful for my car. The water was that high!

I got to within 3 blocks of the Pier House before I gave up. I took some back streets away from the shoreline and made my way home. Home and bed at 8! An exciting evening!

It is low tide as I write this blog this morning. I wonder what high tide will bring in about 4 hours!

These weather deviations are different and dramatic. Do they foretell anything? Is this all a passing thing or is the island to be totally covered at some point? Something to think about. People are and they are talking about it.

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