Political leaders have stupid motivations and because of those misdirected motivations make stupid decisions. Decisions which lead to the ruin of socieities.

I continue to read Pat Buchanan’s book on Churchill, Hitler and how World War II could have been avoided. Churchill is one of the heroes of World War II. But the political blundering of he and some other leaders of the time, for whatever reasons, led England into that war. Read the book! It is eye opening.

Now we have the Mc Cain/Obama battle. The first debate was last night. I thought Obama had the edge. But who knows. I am watching TV this morning and who won and lost apparently depends on whether a person is Rebublican or Democrat.

Quite frankly, Mc Cain scares me.

Regarding the economy, last week he first took the position the economy was in bad shape. Five days later he recognizes a major financial crisis, suspends campaigning (not really) and is not sure whether he will debate. It all goes to judgment. He was all over the place in a short period of time.

Another judgmnet factor is his choice for Vice President. I watched Palin respond to Couric’s questions. I do not want her negotiating with Putin or any other world leader on my behalf!

Then there is the war. He was for it. That alone speaks tons.

Mc Cain speaks of the success of the surge. Yes, the fighting is way down. However we still have over 140,000 of our troops over there. The actual success of the surge is yet to be answered. I continue to have a feeling of impending doom.

I would like to say that a man who has 7 homes and 13 cars cannot understand every day problems. But then Roosevelt and Kennedy were rich and did. So that criticism does not apply. Never the less I continue to have this gut feeling that Mc Cain just does not understand.

Judgment does come into play.

Then there is the age issue. No one seems to want to directly talk about it. The issue does not appear politically correct.

Well, I do not mind talking about it. This John Mc Cain is too old to be President. There have been other mature men who have succeeded. Reagan being one. Each individual has to be evaluated standing alone.

Mc Cain looks and acts old to me. He is not mentally quick.

And I can be critical here. I am 73. I could not be President! No way! And I think I am in much better shape physically and mentlly than Mc Cain. I know my limitations. Those that age has brought. I have a hard time thinking about two problems at one time. A President has many! I tire easily. He has to also. His body language speaks loudly in this regard.

The job of President is a killer!

Mc Cain’s time has passed him by.

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