Bocci last night! Great fun!

However we lost all 3 games.

Without intending to make excuses, we did play a very good team. They were third in the overall playoffs last year. Third out of 60 teams! We did not make the playoffs. Not even close.

I feel good about my play last night. Even in defeat, I played the best bocci I probably have ever played. So the evening was a personal plus for me.

Don of Don’s Place is our captain. He says we have now played through the best of the best teams in the league. The rest of the season should be easy. And we will probably win a lot of games! May it be so! Our opponents last night were spectacular. I would like to play a team we have a chance of beating.

Larry Smith is captain of one of Don’s other teams. We watched Larry and his team play after our defeat. By the way, our 3 games were over quickly. Larry’s team was just starting its second match when we went down to defeat for the third time

Drinking is part of the bocci experience. From the streets of Italy to the courts of Key West, it has always been such. And as with everything else, there are those who drink too much and their ability wanes as the evening progresses.

Such was the problem with Larry’s team last night. It appeared one or two of the players overindulged and were sufficiently dissipated by the third game so that it was lost.

The White House charade yesterday further contributes to my fear of the manner in which our government is being conducted. And at a time when we face the most severe economic decline since the depression of the 1930s.

Back in 1931 when Hoover was still President, he had passed and signed into law something to strengthen a failing banking industry. Hoover’s plan turned out to be a band aid. It lasted all of 6 months before disaster befell our country.

Is what is being proposed the same? I do not know. And I believe very few do! However what is certain is that something must be done. Too many former economic giants are failing on almost a daily basis. It is already affecting you and me. Soon it will swamp even us.

So something must be done!

What irritates me this morning is the political gameship being played in Washington with such an important issue. Shame on our leaders for having brought us to this point and now failing to come up with a solution! I do not want to sell apples on a street corner!

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