My friend Roland Grimm died.

Sad! Very sad!

Roland was the best. A good guy. What more can one say of a person.

We met about 10 years ago when I bought my home in Key West. Actually I met Roland’s wife Jackie first. And thru her Roland.

Jackie and I first hooked up at Jack Baron’s art gallery. She would stop in to solve the world’s problems with the rest of us. It continues to amaze me how many friendships were developed at Jack Baron’s.

Roland and I would occasionally have dinner or lunch together. The dinners were heavy nights. We would sort of drink to excess.

The dinner conversations were fantastic and endless. Roland was the smartest money man I ever met. He knew and understood money. It had been his life work. It was his passion.

Roland was born in a small community on the Hudson. Saugerties. His father was President of the local bank. Roland at some point ascended and succeeded his father as President of the same bank.

At some point in his life Roland decided to spread his wings. He was off to Boston and became a financial advisor. Apparently he did very well as such. He developed a national reputation as an investor and finacial counselor.

It was in Boston that he met and married the lovely Jackie.

Roland was proud that he had been a memebr of the Board of Trustees of Notre Dame University. He used to describe himself as the token Wasp on the Board. That token comment reflects Roland’s subtle sense of humor.

I shall miss Roland. His company, his counsel, his friendship.

I believe in the Hereafter. I think people meet there again and in some instances for the first time. Two people who are there are my Mother and Jack Baron. I think Roland should hook up with them. They are the same kind of people.

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