Dark outside. Black.

I am up early. I have some things to do. Then golf this morning! I have not played in 2 weeks and am anxious to get out and hit the ball!

I continued reading Pat Buchanan’s book on Churchill, Hitler and how World War II might have been avoided. Interesting. Compelling.

I am up to Munich and 1938. Chamberlain was dead set against war. England had suffered too much in World War I. So he went to see Hitler with a predetermination to surrender whatever lands Hitler wanted to him. Another factor coming into play is that by 1938 most civilized nations had rethought Versaille which settled World War I. Actually Versaille foisted unreasonable terms on the defeated Germany. Another factor compelling Chamberlain to give in to Hitler. He thought he was doing the right thing.

Another interesting thought being suggested by Buchanan is that appeasement was not a bad thing or bad word in 1938. It was working things out to avoid war. Something intelligent people were prone to do in those days. Another example of that which the scars of World War I wrought.

And to make Munich even worse, Hitler asked for a lot and expected not much, if anything, in response to his demands. Instead he got everything he wanted. Chamberlain gave all, including the kitchen sink.

And by so doing, Chamberlain gave impetus to Hitler’s mad march.

A revealing book! Most interesting!

Last night I stopped at Aqua to hear the final contestants in Aqua Idol. There are 4 weeks remaining. Mary Deasy was terrific! Maj Johnson wonderful! And I have finally come around regarding Vanessa Di Generro. A talent!

Then to dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Beecha brightened my evening. Always beautiful! Erin continues to look terrific! She is losing weight. And the company at the bar was good!

Then home to bed. Early. This is becoming a habit. A bad habit. Early home and early to bed!

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