Hurricane Ike’s aftermath continues to be strange.

I went out yesterday morning about 10. The weather was ok. Still gray. No sun for several days.

Paradise Cafe was finally open. No one there but me however. I sat outside drinking my cuban coffee and eating cuban toast. And reading a brand new current newspaper.

The thought occurred to me how quiet it still was. There had been little traffic on the drive into town. There were next to no people on the streets.

I sat outside at Paradise for about an hour. All of a sudden the sun broke through! Hooray! The angels sang! The big band played! What a feeling! We had gone too many days with no sun.

And with the sun, I observed 2 things which represented the resurrection of the world.

The first were the chickens.

The rooster showed up just after the sun arrived. He sat about 2 feet from me and cockadoolldoed loud and clear! And the hen heard him! All of a sudden she showed up. Instead of running, she went right up to him. And dutifully followed him behind the building.

In less than 30 days, we shall have chickies again!

With the sun also came traffic! Cars and people! The street was rampant with traffic. Scooters, too. And people walking about.

I guess it takes the sun to get us out of our homes and holes. Interesting.

My sun theory however got a bit blasted last night.

I showered and shaved. Put on a crispy shirt and headed out. I figured the whole town would be out. The locals, that is.

I went to Antonia’s. Threw open the door expecting a crowded bar. One customer. And I did not know her! Four people at 2 tables. And Clayton! Thank God for Clayton! At least I could talk with him. But it was not my night. He was more interested in the female customer at the bar!

No fish was available of course. Only fresh fish is normally served. Actually I would have worried if Antonia’s was serving fish last night. So I had a pasta dish.

Not to be daunted, I headed for La Te Da. Bruce Moore was scheduled to perform at 9. Good luck! The place was open, but empty. No shows till Saturday!

So I did as I have been doing for a week. I went home to bed and TV! Well before 9 o’clock.

The moral of the story is that people are out, but not out. I also suspect that more locals left town than I thought and have yet to return.

My feelings are firm. I will not remain for another storm!

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