Hurricane Ike is coming! Hurricane mentaility has befallen us! And properly so!

Ike is going to be bad! It was a 4. Is now a 3. Still out in the Atlantic about 1,000 miles away. It is expected to be a Category 4 when it hits.

Its projected path at the moment is directly over the Florida Keys. Key West is directly in the middle. There will be significant destruction if it hits us as presently anticipated and as a cat 4.

Our one ray of hope is that weather conditions coming down off the north Atlantic will push Ike further to the south over Cuba. What a terrible thing! We are hoping that Ike misses us and beats up another people!

Quiet semi panic is setting in.

I went to fill up my gas tank last night. Every station had long lines starting out on the streets and highways. I did not want to wait in line so I put off filling the tank till later in the evening. When I went out to do it, there was no traffic at the gas station. What a smart guy am I, I thought to myself! When I pulled up to the pump I saw the sign: Empty……no gas till tomorrow morning!

Rumors are rampant. One is that the Seven Mile Bridge is going to be wiped out.

There is mandatory evacuation for Key West. Tourists must leave at 8 this morning. Residents at 8 tomorrow morning.

What to do? Where to go? These become immediate major concerns. You just can’t get out. You must go where the storm will not.

I initially thought I would fly out Sunday morning to Utica for a week. However I am concerned for Lisa and the grandkids. Lisa and husband Cory do not want to go to Utica. They would rather drive north into central Florida and put into a motel for a few days. Cory wants to also be able to get back to their home as soon as possible to start cleanup, repairs, etc.

Lisa and Cory have been through this before. I really have not. Again my first inclination was to hop a plane and get out. However I feel I would be deserting Lisa and the family. So I have decided to make the trek in their van northward. What a week it is going to be! We are going to be nomads and vagabonds on a journewy to I know not where!

This computer is making the trip with me. I assume I will be able to report this pending adventure on a daily basis.

I am uncomfortable with this whole Hurricane Ike thing. Nothing is a known. Nothing is a certainty. The only thing I am sure of is that the unknown and uncertainty. What a given!

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