The weather continues to be terrific!

However Gustav was not as calm in the Key West area as I reported. Yesterday’s local newspaper says the winds here Saturday reached 60 miles per hour. Shades of Fay! Now I know why the wind was buffeting my car sideways as I drove up US 1 Saturday night.

There appears to be a concern among many of the old time locals that Hanna could be a problem. these storms apparently have a way of turning and changing direction suddenly.

I spent a couple of hours free loading at the book store Borders yesterday afternoon. I started reading Pat Buchanan’s recent work about Churchill, Hitler and whether World War II could have been avoided. An interesting book.

McCain’s campaign is off track. The Palin issues are clouding the campaign. I hope this campaign gets back on track and the real issues of the economy and war are more directly addressed. In fact if you think about it, most of the primary battles avoided the meaty issues.

More about Gustav. It passed 240 miles west of Key West. Which placed Key West on the east side of Gustav. We had heavy wind (60 mph) and heavy rain. Even if Hanna does not hit Key West, it will pass to the east of us about 200 miles. That will position Key West to the west of Hanna.

If Hanna takes the track presently projected up the east coast of Florida, the impact should not be as severe as Gustav. The reason being which side of a hurricane you are on. The impact is far greater is you are to the east of a hurricane. The upper right quadrant of a hurricane is the most severe and is known as the dirty side. Key West was on the dirty side for Gustav. It will not be for Hanna.

Oh, the things I learn!

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