These storms are interesting!

Gustav visited Key West periphally. The outer bands were over us and southern Florida. A lot of blustery rain yesterday. Big wind.

I did not think the wind was as bad as Fay. Until last night! I had stayed in all day. Decided to go out for a drink last night. When I was driving home up US 1, my car kept moving sideways! The wind! Gustav!

It is relatively calm this morning. Sun is out. Never made it yesterday. Not even a peek. A touch of humidity. Quite a brisk wind however.

Last night I saw a couple of trees down in Key West. The stop lights were blowing.

This morning I have not left home as yet. However my deck on the ocean is covered with twigs, leafs and all other sorts of small foliage. Was not that way after Fay.

We were on the dirty side of Gutav. That is why it had whatever the impact was on Key West.

Hanna looks like it is going to totally miss Key West. Heading for northern Florida and the Carolinas. Not yet hurricane speed. It may remain a tropical storm.

What a strange way to live! This is the first year I have been in Key West for all of the hurricane season. It keeps you on the edge of your seat a bit.

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