A beautiful morning!

I continue feeling lucky that tropical storm Fay was an insect bite for us. It is still dumping rain on the middle Atlantic states.

However this is hurricane season. And Gustav is on its way!

Gustav is sure to be of hurricane force. Probably a 3. Bad!

It is becoming the talk of the island.

When I went to bed last night the right side of the cone suggested it was going to come over the keys. However Gustav is bumping off Cuba and the cone has moved further to the south. So unless Gustav is a fickle woman, it will fortunately miss the keys.

With a name like Gustav, it cannot be a fickle woman!

One of my best friends up north is Gus Detraglia. Gus is short for Gustav. You finally made it Gus! To the big time! This hurricane is yours!

I watched the Democratic Convention last night. I found the Convention overall unimpressive. I thought Hillary gave a great speech that did not make it to the finish line. As good as the political pundits say she was, there was something missing from my perspective when it came to Obama.

The Democrats should be hitting McCain. Instead they are still uniting and trying to make like one big happy family. The Dems should be on an all out offensive at this stage. I am beginning to worry.

I cleaned the garage out yesterday. With help, of course. After 10 years there was little room left for the car.

Key West is ground level. Ergo there are no cellars. Nor attics, though I do not know why. So there is no where to store.

Fortunately I have a double garage. It filled up over the years.

Everything is neatly lined outside waiting for trash pick up. Even an old stoved that we hooked up in the garage to cook the big meals so as not to heat up the house. Good luck! We only used the stove one time in 10 years!

Today is golf day. Unfortunately I have an appoinment and cannot play. Something must be wrong with me. Nothing is more important than golf!

Appointment actually is not a proper description of the event. My grandchildren are going to pre-school this morning for the first time. I want to be there. And that is more important than golf!

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