Good choice Obama! Joe Biden will make a great Vice President! And is well qualified to be President!

I continue to think I have lived a long time. This does not mean I want the trip to end. No way! It is just that so many things happen that have touched me, even if briefly.

I would like to say I know Joe Biden. That would not be a precise statement. However I have met him on a few occasions. And two of them for several hours!

The first was at Dean Mike Hoeflich’s home sometime in the late 1980s.

Mike was Dean at the Syracuse University College of Law. He was one of two Deans during my tenure as Chairman of the Board at the Law School.

Mike had a group of parents of prominent students in for a weekend. Fundraising for the Law School was always important. Mike had a cocktail party and dinner at his home. The gathering included the President of Mastercard, the CEO of a major tire company, the President of a large labor union and the cattleman from Texas who was the major supplier of beef to MacDonald’s. Heavy hitters all!

And Joe Biden!

Biden was a Syracuse Law graduate. A proud one! Always willing to help. And he was in Syracuse that weekend and attended the gathering at the Dean Hoeflich’s home. He was the Dean’s star attraction.

What a nice guy! You would never know he was a U.S. Senator. Very down to earth. Cordial. Warm. He had the talent that made you think he was interested in hearing what you had to say. I found it very real!

Funny also. I hate to say it this way. But…..the kind of guy you would like to have a beer with!

A couple of years later Biden was in Syracuse for a weekend. He seemed to periodically return to his law school roots.

I had a box at the Syracuse Dome at the time. He stopped in and asked if he could watch the football game from my box. Obviously a gentleman. And we did have a beer or two together!

I ran into him at other type gatherings off and on in Syracuse over the years. One thing I observed was what would be described as loyalty. Every time Biden was in Syracuse, he was with his law school buddies. The local dignataries were there, but so were his local law school chums.This guy remembers his roots!

There came a time when Dean Hoeflich resigned. Mike was a good guy. Actually, he was the best! I was concerned where Mike would work next. He had resigned over principle. So, he had no job to go to and needed one.

I have a recollection that Biden and I had a telephone chat concerning Mike.

Mike could have gone on to work in Washington. However he opted to remain an educator and ended up Dean at Kansas University Law School.

Thus is my Biden connection. Not much. However enough for me to know he is a great choice!

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