The weather continues to be perfect! All this following tropical storm Fay. While north Florida continues to be battered by Fay and drowns in its rain, Key West is enjoying fantastic post Fay weather.

The days are warm, with just a touch of humidity.

Last night was perfect! I sat outside around 11. Only a slight breeze and absolutely no touch of warmth. Almost like a cool summer evening up north.

The chickens and iguanas survived the storm.

The chickens have come out from where ever they took refuge. The hens continue to look after the chickies. The chickies follow mother hen around in a straight line. And those dirty old roosters continue chasing the hens for a bit of sex. And the hens keep running from them!

The iguanas are a growing problem in the keys. These mammals , who appear prehistoric, continue to procreate. They are all over the place. They personally bother no one. You can stand next to one and the iguana will not move. Nor attack you. They are not flesh eating. However they deficate all over the place and eat the greenry and flowers.

So they have to go! At some point in time someone will come up with a total plan for elimination and we will be saved from them. Until then keep hosing your property to rid it of the shit and continue replanting your flower beds. They seem to especially enjoy red and yellow leafed flowers.

Where did the iguanas come from?

From people.

Iguanas were brought into Keys homes and kept as pets. No problem.

However then came Hurricane Wilma. The devistation in the lower keys was terrible. Especially in Key West. Homes were empty for long periods of time. Pets were abandoned, among them the iguanas. So the pet iguanas became free agents and now are living freely in increasingly larger numbers on the island.

Enjoyed Bruce Moore and Bobby Nesbitt last night at La Te Da. Their evening of Broadway tunes continues to captivate. What great entertainment.

They generally have a guest slot. Last evening it was 2 of the stars from the Burlesque Review which opened last season upstairs at Kelly’s. An immediate hit, it also has played Las Vegas since that time. Strange. If you recall, I did not enjoy the show. It was nothing more than a poor spoof of old time burlesue from my perspective.

The performers are all local ladies. School teachers, mothers and the like who started this thing as a joke. Well, I must have been wrong as to its quality. The show is a gigantic hit! See it when it returns full time during the season!

Time for breakfast!

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