Yesterday was one exciting day!

The storm arrived. Not a hurricane, but a tropical storm. I could not tell the difference since I had never experienced either before.

It was exciting! A new sensation! A different experience!

It was raining all morning and into the early afternoon. All of a sudden it was REALLY raining! Heavy and sideways!

And the wind! Wild! Tops was 60 miles per hour. But to a novice like me, it was over a 100!

And none of this was a hurricane! Far short of one. A hurricane has to be a real trip!

The heavy part lasted about 2 hours. And then it was gone! Key West was then in the eye of the storm. Quiet. No rain. No wind. Sort of the next coming of the Lord!

We hung with the center over us for about 6 hours. Then the storm started moving north.

Interestingly though the storm was coming from Cuba to the south, the wind was from the northeast. It was the circluar bands the storm creates. They were basically coming down upon us from the north or 1 on a clock.

This morning we have wind and rain. From the south! We are experiencing the bottom end of the storm bands. And the wind and rain are nothing like yesterday during those 2 hours when the storm was most severe.

The primary part of the storm is now up around Naples and the people there are experiencing what we did yesterday.

Again it was a new experience for me. I do not know if I would want to stay if it were an actual hurricane. I must admit that I was a bit concerned yesterday when it was really blowing and only 60 mph. Can you imagine what it would be and how I would feel at 120mph!

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