I had a wonderful day yesterday!

I went snorkeling with friends John and Linda. The day was beautiful. The water calm. We spent most of the day out on the water.

John and Linda are retired. Rather than live on land, they live on a boat. It is a 35 foot Catamarran.

I snorkeled for quite a while. Fish were few where we were. However the sights were interesting and the exercise good.

When I came back on board I asked what the black things were on the big rocks. Turns out the big rocks are loggerhead sponges. The black spots on top, which I first thought to be some disease, are air holes. John and Linda told me that at certain times of the day you can actually see air spouts running tunnel fashion from the black spots to the top of the water.

It is amazing the things I continue to learn here in Key West!

After lunch, I decided to go back into the water to cool off. I went in alone. No fins or mask. I did take a noodle. A bright yellow one.

I wrapped the noodle under my arms and floated about. I was thinking how comforting!

After no more than 2-3 minutes I looked up and realized I had floated quite a distance from the boat. So I started swimming back. Good luck! The harder I tried, the more I failed.

Unbeknownst to me, the tide was going out and had carried me with it. It was impossible for me to get back to the boat!

Soon the boat was becoming a speck on the horizon. My thought was that me and my noodle were heading for Cuba!

I did not panic. I assumed at some point I would be missed or another boat would come along. It was still early in the afternoon.

Fortunately and correctly, John and Linda took a look outside. I was not there! However they were able to spot the yellow noodle way out there! And me with it!

My rescue was interesting. I would have assumed they would have motored up or taken the dinghy to effect my recovery. No. What they did was to merely lift anchor and let the boat float to me.

Remember the current was strong. The boat arrived in minutes.

I laughed and said I thought I was heading for Cuba. They laughed and said no. Cuba is the other way. You were going to Mexico!

I have a new found respect for the water! No more noodles for me out in the middle of the ocean!

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